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Kursus Perkahwinan @ Apkim 
26th-Jun-2012 02:53 am
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So the fiance and I finally have that silly little certificate which gives us the license to apply for our solemnization. We opted for the express pre-marriage course at Apkim. Sure it probably wasn't as fun as my other friends' sessions with Suci Success etc. but we were pretty lucky getting Ustaz Ali for our private session. He's a funny old man who made us laugh and time passed amazingly fast. The quirkiest thing is he writes all his notes in jawi. And of course when you get an ustaz, your session will be focused on the religious aspect of marriage. He asessed and quizzed us on our religious knowledge but he did it in a manner where we didn't feel like we were being preached at and found wanting. We literally laughed our way through. He even made the fiance practice reciting the nikah thingy.

The group session was rather interesting because Ustazah Hamidah does not shy away from the fact that most of us couples nowadays have been intimate or are still intimate (note: intimate does not mean sexually active, but more to kissing and hugging and what nots) with each other before marriage. She made each couple write down what our idea of intimacy is. All the guys in the group responded they wanted massages! So she adviced us wives-to-be to pick up some form of massage skill because touch leads to intimacy and intimacy is very important in a marriage. She joked, "If you ladies are weak like me, cheat. Put lots of cream and just rub the cream nicely on your husband's back like at the spa!"

I think the fiance learned quite a lot from these two wonderful people. But of course all these are theory and only God knows how we'll fare once we're married. One can only hope we don't end up in front of either of the two again for the wrong reasons. Anyway since I dressed up in my favourite colour for today, I've decided an OOD is an appropriate ending to a great day.

Sequined ruffled silk shawl from Souq De Ayraz (you have to be logged on to FB & add her as friend)
Blue inner scarf from Arab St.
Black inner long sleeved top from Cotton On
Light blue denim vest from Cotton On
Blue maxi skirt from Johor Bahru
Wedges from Charles & Keith
Bag from Fendi <3

I'm sure you've guessed my favourite colour is blue. In most any shades :D
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